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Forklift training courses

At GHR Training Ltd, We Specialise in On-site Forklift Truck Training Across Cheshire and North Wales

We appreciate the necessity for employers to ensure that they meet all of the Health & Safety regulations relating to the equipment in the workplace today.


On-site training is the most cost-effective and convenient way for employers to train their workforce. Not only does it reduce the cost of training, but also the trainees have the advantage of using the actual equipment they will be using on a regular basis.


Employers have responsibilities, duties & legal obligations regarding forklift truck safety in the workplace. The main areas of forklift truck legislation are the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations and the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations. These regulations came into force on the 5th December 1998. A lot of companies are unaware of these regulations, yet failure to comply with these regulations could lead to prosecution, unlimited fines and some cases can lead to imprisonment.

Contact us today for more information about the legislation and the forklift truck training courses we offer in Cheshire and Wales.

We have invested in RTITB Accreditation

We have partnered with RTITB, the UK’s leading accrediting body for forklift and plant operator training, to offer standardised, quality training to the warehousing and logistics industry.

As an RTITB accredited partner, we help to change operator behaviour for the better and improve safety within warehousing and logistics operations through compliant training and testing that results in safe and efficient lift truck operators.

We deliver RTITB accredited courses that help our customers to improve compliance, reduce accidents and keep cost under control. RTITB Accreditation helps to prevent bad habits and shortcuts that may otherwise creep in over time, which may result in accidents and reassures companies of the quality of training

By offering accredited operator training to our customer base, we also provide peace of mind that candidates’ training will be backed up by thorough training records.

Why choose GHR TRAINING?

  • On-site training specialist provider
  • Help for employers to meet all of the Health & Safety regulations
  • Extensive knowledge of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment
  • Regulations and the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulation
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